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18 September – Edward Courtenay and a triumphant Henry VIII

On this day in Tudor history, 18th September 1556, Edward Courtenay, 1st Earl of Devon, died from a fever at Padua in Italy.

Courtenay had been sent overseas after he was implicated in Wyatt's Rebellion as a future husband and consort of Queen Mary I's half-sister, Elizabeth, the future Queen Elizabeth I.

In this video, I tell you more about this Earl of Devon and how he was a prospective bridegroom for both of Henry VIII's daughters.

Also on this day in history, 18th September 1544, Henry VIII rode triumphantly through the streets of Boulogne.

The French had surrendered Boulogne on 13th September 1544, following a siege, and King Henry VIII entered it and was given its keys by his good friend, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, on 18th September. England was victorious but his ally, the Holy Roman Emperor, wasn't behaving himself.

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18 September – Edward Courtenay and a triumphant Henry VIII