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16 October – Oxford Martyrs Latimer and Ridley meet their ends

Warning: John Foxe's account is pretty horrible.

On this day in Tudor history, 16th October 1555, in the reign of Queen Mary I, Protestants Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley were burned at the stake in Oxford for heresy. Along with Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, they have become known as the Oxford Martyrs.

In today's talk, I give an overview of Latimer and Ridley's careers, and then shares an account of their burnings from John Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

"Every eye shed tears at the afflicting sight of these sufferers, who were among the most distinguished persons of their time in dignity, piety, and public estimation." John Foxe

Also on this day in history:

  • 1532 - While Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII were lodged in Calais, the Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Derby and a group of gentleman met with “the great mayster of Fraunce” Anne, duc de Montmorency, and his men at the English Pale, six miles outside of Calais. This meeting was to plan where Henry VIII would meet Francis I.
  • 1573 – Death of Thomas Davies, Bishop of St Asaph, at Abergele in Denbighshire.
  • 1594 – Death of Cardinal William Allen at his home in the via Monserrato, Rome, while in exile. He was buried in Rome, in the English College's Church.

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16 October – Oxford Martyrs Latimer and Ridley meet their ends