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15 April – The beginning of the end for Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex

You'd think that the appointment of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland might be something to be pleased about, but Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, who was sworn in as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on this day in 1599, was not at all happy. He didn't want to be in Ireland!

The earl's time in Ireland was to be his undoing, as the arrogant earl decided to ignore the queen's orders and do his own thing. Oh dear! Find out what happened in today's video.

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  1. R

    I actually feel sorry for Essex on this occasion because Elizabeth knew nothing of the situation in Ireland, nor did the twerks in the council because his men were completely bogged down and he had no realistic choice but to make a truce with Hugh O’Neill. He may have pushed for the post in Ireland but he was obviously unrealistic about the problems over there, he had hoped for reinforcements and it was a complete disaster. Elizabeth was no military expert and he probably did feel as if he was being ganged up on.

    However, when he came back to England his behaviour was appalling and arrogant and led to his own downfall. He could have been more humble when asked to give an account and may have saved face. Thinking he could raise London against the Queen was a very foolish thing.

  2. M

    Another person who I had no idea about. Thank you for explaining the Earl’s origins, I had not known he descended from Mary Boleyn or Lettice Knollys married Elizabeth’s first favorite. Those Cecils were confounded with them for decades I guess. I am very weak on Elizabeth’s reign, but am getting better. Thanks again! Michelle t

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15 April – The beginning of the end for Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex