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1483: The Year of Three Kings – Matthew Lewis – Expert Talk

This month we have the wonderful Matthew Lewis telling us about a very eventful year - Edward IV, Edward V and Richard III. This is an exceptional talk and we know you'll enjoy it.

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  1. E

    Just joined and I’m really looking forward to this one.

  2. R

    Brilliant presentation, Matthew and one particularly enjoyed by myself as the Tudor Society resident Ricardian. Loved the chronological breakdown, makes the events easy to follow and the sources and locations easy to see in context.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise on this vital period of the transfer of power through Edward iv, Edward V and to Richard iii. Very enjoyable.

  3. M

    That was amazing!!! Thank you, Matthew,for sharing your talk with us. The timeline, and the way you explain it, really helped me to understand the events much better. I appreciate that. This is a part of pre Tudor history that I knew very little about. Thanks again! And the Wales seaside is beautiful! Enjoy your holiday season. Michelle t

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1483: The Year of Three Kings – Matthew Lewis – Expert Talk