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1460 Northampton Battlefield under threat – You can help!

Map_for_Battle_of_Northampton_by_RamsayHistorian Mike Ingram has contacted me to spread the word about a threat to the location of the 1460 Battle of Northampton, a battle which is seen as "the first major engagement" of the Wars of the Roses. The site is a registered battlefield but there are plans to build a car park on it.

You can read more about this at, the Northampton Battlefield Society blog, which also gives a link to the Northampton on-line Planning Portal where you can register your objection - follow the instructions given by the Battlefield Society. The planning application says that responses are required by 28 August, so an early response is essential.

You can also read a statement from the Northampton Battlefield Society at

Mike has written an excellent article on the Battle of Northampton for the Northants Herald & Post newspaper - see

Please help to protect this historic site.

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  1. P

    How many of our great lates, must you cover over with a car park? Is that the only answer.

  2. B

    I got an alert about this yesterday from the Riii society, I WILL definitely be objecting. More visitors please, give donations, by something to support, have a fund raising event, sign up to save the site. It’s a shame that because somewhere is struggling that the powers that be just put up houses or a carpark. Commuters you can help too… get out and walk, park and ride, use public transport, park elsewhere and walk, get fit, disabled parking only near the area should be allowed. Powers that be give the money to the trust that you want to waste on carpark. Enough sacred and historical sites have been lost. PLEASE PRESERVE OUR HERITAGE.

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1460 Northampton Battlefield under threat – You can help!