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1 May – May Day

Today is May Day - Happy May Day!

Did the Tudors celebrate May Day? If so, what did they do?

Find out in this #TudorHistoryShorts video...

On this day in Tudor history, 1st May 1517, foreign traders in London had their shops and property vandalised and damaged by a mob of angry apprentices and labourers.

What sparked off this "Evil May Day Riot"? What happened to the troublemakers? And how did Queen Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII's sisters, Margaret and Mary, get involved?

On this day in Tudor history, 1st May 1551, in the reign of King Edward VI, Norfolk landowner and Member of Parliament, Sir Edmund Knyvet, died.
Knyvet had an interesting court career, being helped by his Howard connections, but he was known for his rather hot temper, which nearly led to him losing his right hand.

Find out more about hot-tempered Sir Edmun Knyvet...

This day in 1536 was the day of the annual May Day joust. All seemed normal and happy, and nobody watching could have known that the leaders of the challengers and defenders would soon be imprisoned.

Find out what happened at the joust, and what happened when the king left abruptly with his good friend and groom of the stool...

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  1. R

    Watching the Tracy Borman three part, The Fall of Anne Boleyn, again from last year as we still had the videos. It really is atmospheric as she followed her footsteps and wherever the Great Hall is filmed, it’s really a grand replica of what one might expect from the lost Great Hall at the Tower of London.

    Yes, there are some things one might question, but they are small points and seeing those original indictments and charges on parchment. Its a wonderful program.

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1 May – May Day