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1 May – Evil May Day Riot, May Day and a hot-tempered courtier

On this day in Tudor history, 1st May 1517, foreign traders in London had their shops and property vandalised and damaged by a mob of angry apprentices and labourers.

What sparked off this "Evil May Day Riot"? What happened to the troublemakers? And how did Queen Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII's sisters, Margaret and Mary, get involved? I explain...

Today is obviously May Day, but how did the Tudors celebrate it?

And on this day in Tudor history, 1st May 1551, in the reign of King Edward VI, Norfolk landowner and Member of Parliament, Sir Edmund Knyvet, died.
Knyvet had an interesting court career, being helped by his Howard connections, but he was known for his rather hot temper, which nearly led to him losing his right hand.

Find out more about hot-tempered Sir Edmund Knyvet...

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