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Tudor people’s ages

"How old were they when they died?" is the question that has been on Tim's mind, so, in today's Claire Chats, I share the ages at death of some prominent Tudor people.

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  1. L

    Enjoyable and informative video, hope Tim slept well🤓

  2. C

    Very interesting chat about life spans in Tudor times. Do you know how old the Countess of Nottingham was when she died and the cause of her death. I think historian John Guy said that her death started the clock ticking for Queen Elizabeth’s death.

  3. L

    Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII’s mother, died on her 37th birthday due to complications of childbirth. The story I’ve read is that after the death of Arthur, their first son, Elizabeth consoled her husband, Henry VII, by saying that they were young enough to have another child (or something like that). They did have another child, but Elizabeth died from puerperal fever a few days after giving birth (like Jane Seymour). I figure you already knew that, but didn’t mention this during your excellent (as usual) talk.

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Tudor people’s ages