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Impressions of “I am Henry” by Heather R. Darsie

I am Henry filmOur regular contributor Heather R. Darsie reviews the short film "I am Henry"...

I had heard and read of the acclaim achieved by Flying Dutchman's film, "I am Henry," but did not know what to expect. I sat down with my laptop, thinking I was about to watch simply another film about the dynamic between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. I could not have been more wrong.

The setting is simple but beautiful, and the lighting lends itself to that of a person whose mind is slowly being overtaken by the dreamy haze of death. The color balancing is consistent throughout and gives the appearance that the film is lit indeed by only the source light of the January sun and candles. Great care was taken in planning each shot and it shows. Put simply, the thoughtful cinematography was executed flawlessly.

The music used is appropriate to the time period and assists in transporting the viewer back to the Tudor era. The use of makeup and simple costuming allows the viewer to focus on the interactions between Henry, Katharine and Anne, without dazzling and distracting. The actors seem like they truly could be Henry, Katharine and Anne. The actors embody their subjects such that these long-dead souls are portrayed as genuine people and not just topics of fiction.

The script is superb. It conveys the history and emotional, human complexity of Henry's tangled marital choices while artfully avoiding the sticking points of with whom Katharine and Anne held amorous congress. The script is written such that it allows the viewer to develop thoughts, feelings and opinions free of a slanted or skewed view of a certain stereotype or trope. "I am Henry" finally gives us the opportunity in the 21st century to be a fly-on-the-wall in the 16th century.

"I am Henry" is now available to rent or buy on VIMEO ON DEMAND. Simply go to to rent or buy the film now. Here is the trailer:

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  1. L

    I’ve watched the trailer a few times now, and it does look intriquing. But I guess any real judgement about it will have to be reserved until we get to see the whole film.

    1. C - Post Author

      There’s a link to rent or download the film, Lorna, so you can watch the whole thing.

  2. L

    Going to download film as it seems interesting

  3. L

    Just rented and watched the film and it’s really good not what I expected It was better than expected ,only wish it had been longer. The music was great and the costume was good wasn’t keen on the headgear of Katherine . A very haunting film , well worth the rental

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Impressions of “I am Henry” by Heather R. Darsie