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Gunpowder Plot Quiz

This week was the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, which actually had its roots in the reign of Elizabeth I, but how much do you know about the plot?

Test yourself with this fun quiz.

The Gunpowder Plot

Q1) An easy one to start you off - what date do we have to "remember, remember" with regards to the Gunpowder Plot?

4th November

5th November

6th November

3rd November

Q2) Another easy one! Who was found red-handed with barrels of gunpowder in the cellars beneath Westminster on the night of 4th/5th November 1605?

Anthony Babbington

Thomas Percy

Thomas Wintour

Guy Fawkes

Q3) How many barrels of Gunpowder was Guy Fawkes caught with?





Q4) Guy Fawkes is the main plotter we remember, but who is thought to have been the real 'brains' behind the plot?

Ambrose Rookwood

Thomas Percy

Thomas Wintour

Robert Catesby

Q5) The plan had originally been to blow up Parliament in 1604 - what led to the delay?

The plotters had trouble leasing lodgings near Westminster

The opening of Parliament was delayed due to plague

Parliament got wind of a plot in 1604

The cellars flooded and the gunpowder got wet

Q6) Who is believed to have leaked news of the plot to Lord Monteagle?

Father Henry Garnet

Thomas Wintour

John Grant

Francis Tresham

Q7) What happened to conspirator John Grant after the plotters fled to Holbeche House, Staffordshire?

His eyes were burnt out

He was shot dead

He was burned alive

He was shot in the shoulder

Q8) Guy Fawkes had been sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered but what happened at his execution?

His sentence was commuted at the last minute to beheading

He escaped

He jumped from the gallows to break his neck and died

He was burned at the stake instead

Q9) Where was Guy Fawkes originally from?





Q10) Robert Catesby's mother was a member of which prominent family?

The Howards

The Dudleys

The Devereux

The Throckmortons

Q11) What were Londoners instructed to do on 5th November 1605 to celebrate King James I's narrow escape?

To pray

To light bonfires

To process around London

To wear red

Q12) A special “State Service” of Thanksgiving was added to the Book of Common Prayer and an Act of Parliament ordered it to be read on an annual basis. In which year was it finally removed by Royal Proclamation?





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Gunpowder Plot Quiz