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16 January

Thomas Seymour was accused of attempting to kidnap his nephew, King Edward VI, on this day in 1549, but what exactly happened? In this video, I recount the story, as told by two contemporary sources.

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  1. M

    Hi Claire! I do think he was guilty of this. Like Elizabeth I said, …much wit…little reason or something of the sort. I do believe Catherine Parr had some influence over him, and once she was gone, he plunged into these plots. I don’t think he had pure motives before her death though, due to the treatment of Elizabeth before Catherine’s death. He was always aspiring to more. He was jealous of Hertford. He was angered beyond reason over his lack of influence over his nephew, and that was even before Henry’s death. So, yes, I think he was guilty. Hertford and the others pounced.

    1. C - Post Author

      Thank you! He’s such a fascinating figure. I’d love to time travel back and give him a good shake! It just seems that after Catherine’s death he became reckless and foolish. Perhaps jealousy of his brother got to him, I just don’t know.

  2. B

    Guilty of trying to kidnap the king? Inammnotncertain even he knew what he was exactly doing, or what was the plan. I think he was jealous of his brother’s power and influence. I think he was desperate to get attention and do “something” to increase his presence and position at Court. I think he was completely irrational and emotjonal and yes, perhaps he did not have the camping presence of Katherine Parr anymore…Perhaps his emotions boiled over, and over a pint of wine decided to do something that cost him his life. Very sad story.

  3. R

    Thomas Seymour kidnapped the King, but I don’t believe he wanted to kill Edward, just seize power. The horrible man, killing the poor dog.

    An opportunistic man, most definitely. The Lord Protector probably was doing his duty but his brother, Tom Seymour seems to have been up to no good. He was after Elizabeth and he was certainly well over the top in his actions.

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16 January