The Tudor Society
  • Tudor Nobility

    I’ve received a few questions recently about the structure of society and how the nobility worked in Tudor times, so I thought I’d do this Claire Chats talk on the topic.

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  • Tudor Society Open Day – 28 October 2016

    We’re excited to announce that we will be having a Tudor Society open day this Friday, 28th October 2016! Visitors to the site that day will have full access to the Tudor Society website and its archives for the whole day and we also have a whole day’s worth of expert live chats and giveaways planned for both members and visitors to enjoy.

    The Tudor Society is all about bringing experts and Tudor history lovers together, wherever they are in the world, and we hope that this open day will showcase some of what we do to achieve that aim.

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  • Introducing the 2 Day Unlimited Pass

    We’re pleased to announce the Tudor Society 2 day unlimited pass!

    For just $6, you can now try out the Tudor Society for two days. The 2 day unlimited pass gives you full access to the Tudor Society website meaning that you can view the latest content and also the archives, which include Tudor Life magazine, our expert talks, Claire Chats videos, our weekly quizzes, resources and more. It’s perfect for those wanting to see what the Tudor Society is all about before joining.

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