The Tudor Society
  • May 3 – Cecily Neville, Sir Edward Rogers and Thomas Tusser

    On this day in Tudor history, 3rd May 1415, Cecily Neville, matriarch of the House of York and mother of two kings, was born.

    Find out about this Duchess of York, and how she is linked to royalty and the Tudors…

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  • The Tudor Farming Year

    I live in a rural community and here I have reminders all the time of the farming calendar. With the signs of autumn all around, my thoughts turned to harvest and the farming year in Tudor times, so I thought I’d talk about that for this week’s Claire Chats video.

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  • Thomas Tusser

    On this day in history, 3rd May 1580, Thomas Tusser, poet, farmer and writer on agriculture, died at the age of sixty-five. He was buried at Manningtree in Essex.

    Tusser is known for his “A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie”, a poem recording the country year, and “Five Hundreth Points of Good Husbandry United to as many of Good Huswiferie”, an instructional poem on farming.

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