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  • February 2 – John Argentine, the last person to see the Princes in the Tower

    King Edward V and the Duke of York (Richard) in the Tower of London by Paul Delaroche.

    On this day in Tudor history, 2nd February 1508, in the reign of King Henry VII, physician and Provost of King’s College, Cambridge, John Argentine died at King’s College.

    He was about sixty-five years of age at his death. He was laid to rest in the Chantry Chapel at the college.

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  • 22 November – Sir William Butts, royal physician and confidant

    On this day in Tudor history, 22nd November 1545, Henry VIII’s trusted physician and confidant, Sir William Butts, died after suffering from a “dooble febre quartanz”, a form of malaria.

    Sir William Butts was the doctor who was sent to treat Anne Boleyn, when she was ill with sweating sickness, and also advised on Princess Mary’s sickness, and was the man King Henry VIII confided in about his problems consummating his marriage to Anne of Cleves. He was obviously a man the king could trust.

    Find out more about this Tudor physician in today’s talk, with help from Teasel the dog.

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