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  • Tudor Shere – Julian Humphrys

    In this week’s Friday video, historian Julian Humphrys tells us all about historic Shere, in Surrey, and the people who owned the manor.

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  • The Cornish Rebellion of 1497 with Julian Humphrys

    Thank you to battlefield historian Julian Humphrys for this week’s Friday video, which is on a rebellion that took place in the reign of King Henry VII, the Cornish Rebellion.

    Do remember that Julian is joining us in the Tudor Society chatroom later today to answer your questions on his expert talk on the Battle of Stoke Field…

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  • Live Chat Transcript – Julian Humphrys – Tudor Cambridge and an update on Bosworth Battlefield

    Here is a transcript of our live chat with historian Julian Humphrys. Julian spoke to us on Tudor Cambridge but seeing as he works with the Battlefields Trust it was also an ideal opportunity to get an update on the Bosworth Battlefield situation. It was an excellent live chat.

    Remember that all full members are welcome to our live chat events and we try to time them so that they are at a reasonable hour, wherever you live in the world!

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  • November live chats – 17th and 30th

    Just to let you know that this month’s live chats will be taking place on Friday 17th November and Thursday 30th November.

    Here are all the details…

    17 November: Informal live chat – Ladies-in-waiting
    This month’s live chat is on Friday 17th November and the topic is ladies-in-waiting. With our informal chats, we don’t have an expert to ‘grill’, we just all bundle into the chatroom and have fun debating the topic for an hour. The moderator is just there to check that it runs smoothly, and to join the debate too. Feel free to share book recommendations on ladies-in-waiting in general, or particular ladies, to pose questions, to share your views on the role or on particular ladies, anything to do with ladies-in-waiting!

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