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  • Heart burial in Tudor times

    I’ve received quite a few questions recently regarding the practice of heart burial in Tudor times, so I thought I’d share these talks on heart burial, and burial in general, from our archives…

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  • Heart Burial

    In today’s edition of Teasel’s Tudor Trivia, Teasel and I look at the practice of heart and entrails burial.

    Was it common to bury the heart and entrails separately from the rest of the body in medieval and Tudor times?

    Why would people have their organs and body buried separately?

    I answer these questions and also give real examples, including those of prominent Tudor people and royalty.

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  • Burial in Tudor times – Part 2: Embalming and heart and entrails burial

    A lovely subject, I know! Yes, in today’s Claire Chats talk I’m discussing how the remains of the wealthier classes and royals were prepared for burial. I discuss the different types of embalming before moving on to the practice of heart and entrails burial. I also look at what we know from primary sources documents about how various Tudor royals were prepared for burial. You’ll find all the links and further reading recommendations below the video.

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