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  • 6 December – The Bisley Boy Legend

    For today’s Advent treat, I thought I’d share this Teasel’s Tudor Trivia video about a very strange legend concerning Elizabeth I – The Bisley Boy Legend.

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  • Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 6 December – Elizabeth I and the Bisley Boy Legend

    Teasel the dog’s second favourite Tudor is Queen Elizabeth I. Teasel, who is a real trend-setter, appreciates Gloriana’s sense of style. She won’t have a bad thing said about her and so when she heard the Bisley Boy legend, she pronounced it complete poppycock, at least that’s what I think she meant.

    The Bisley Boy legend often does the rounds on social media, and has been addressed in documentaries too. It makes out that Elizabeth I was, in fact, a man. It is complete rubbish.

    In today’s Teasel’s Tudor Trivia, Teasel the rescue dog gets Claire to explain what the legend is about and then gets her to debunk it thoroughly.

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