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  • 2 May – Celestial flesh leads to a burning

    On this day in history, 2nd May 1550, Anabaptist Joan Bocher, was burnt to death at Smithfield for her belief in Christ’s celestial flesh.

    How did a Protestant end up being executed in Edward VI’s reign and what did she mean by Christ having celestial flesh?

    Find out more about Joan Bocher, or Joan of Kent, her beliefs and her links to Protestant martyr Anne Askew, in today’s talk.

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  • 2 May 1550 – The burning of Joan Bocher, Joan of Kent

    We don’t usually associate religious persecution with the reign of Edward VI, but people did suffer in his reign.

    On this day in history, 2nd May 1550, Joan Bocher (Boucher, Butcher, Knel, Knell), an Anabaptist, was burnt at the stake at Smithfield. Bocher believed that Christ’s flesh was “not incarnate of the Virgin Mary” and so she was convicted of heresy and condemned to death.

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