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2020 Jan-Feb-Mar Tudor Life Magazine




Shades of Grey, Lady Mary Grey, Katherine Willoughby, Lady Katherine Grey, The portraiture of Lady Jane Grey, The Places that Lady Jane Grey Knew, Books on the Grey Family, Bradgate Park Photo Montage, Christmas at Lincoln Cathedral, Time To Re-Decorate, A Passion for Wales and the Tudors, An interview with Nathen Amin by Catherine Brooks, The Waking Dream: More about the Drafting Process, Cakes of Cheese, The evil May Day Riots of 1517, The Wyatt Rebellion of 1554, 1595: A summer of Discontent, The Essex Rebellion of 1601, Bloody Battles of the Wars of the Roses, The Burghs of Gainsborough, Visit to Christ Church, Oxford, A right royal romance
Valentine’s day at The Mary Rose, Sumptuary Laws, Bosworth and So much more, Are we there yet?, Henry VII vs. Richard III: A deadly Rivalry, From the Spicery: On Cordials, Christopher Marlowe: The first Cambridge Spy, Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, Tudor Music: Chamber, Ceremonial and Sacred, Henry VIII and his men, Katheryn Howard in Film and in Television, The Chateau Vert Pageant Tricky Quiz, Nicholas Udall, Anne Boleyn’s TWo Arrivals at the Tower of London, Creating books in the Sixteenth Century, A passion for the Tudor Kings and Queens, The Ethics of Writing, From the Spicery: Waters of Life, PLUS ON THIS DAY, BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE

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