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2020 Apr-May-Jun Tudor Life Magazine




Margaret of Anjou, The Rival of Venus: Anne Boleyn at the French Court, Tudor Thomases Quiz, Laurence Olivier’s “Henry V”, Philippa of Lancaster: Portugal’s only English Queen, Elizabeth of Lancaster: A headstrong and wilful medieval princess, The Rise and decline of the house of Lancaster, Orchids at Kew, Seeing Stars in Tudor England, Tudor History in the Modern World, More about Character Construction, Pears and Quinces, ‘England’s Nazareth’ The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, How the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, shaped the experience of queens of England, Top 10 Facts about Queen Elizabeth I, Sports, Entertainments and pastimes at the Tudor Court, Why Jane Grey?, The Field of Cloth of Gold, A house and its family Llancaiach Fawr and the Pritchards, The Tumultuous Life of Sir Walter Raleigh [Part 1], Royal Knowledge that spans many centuries, How much research do you need to do?, Worth its Weight in Gold: Pepper, 2 Queen Mary I: Washing the Feet of the Poor, Communal giving and merrymaking, Sir Francis Bryan: Henry VIII’s most notorious Ambassador, What did the Tudor Poor do for Fun?, Funding the Royal Family, The Exeter Conspiracy that wasn’t..., The Portraiture of Anne of Cleves, A visit to Ditchling, The Tumultuous life of Sir Walter Raleigh Part 2, Always talking Tudor, Why write in dark times?, Worth its weight in gold: Saffron and Rose AND MUCH MORE

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