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2018 Jan-Feb-Mar Tudor Life Magazine




The Coronation of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon, The Children of Henry VIII, The Portraiture of Anne Boleyn, Did Henry VIII have Brain Damage?, Henry VIII, MrsKellacher & Hugh McLeod: an improbable construct, Bluff King Hal: How Culture shaped portrayal of Henry VIII, All about Katherine Parr, Children in Tudor Times, All the King’s Letters - Crossword, What is it like actually Being Henry VIII, The Last Days of Henry VIII, 20 Surprising facts about William Shakespeare, The “Crazy Period” in Medieval England and the Low Countries, Poisons in the Tudor Period, John Dee - Queen Elizabeth’s Magician, From the Spicery on Almond Milk

FEATURE: Hever Castle, home of Elizabeth Boleyn, The Mothers-in-law of Tudor Monarchs, Margaret Beaufort Quiz, Elizabeth Woodville: Conspiracy, Celebration, and Contemplation, Margaret Beaufort: The mother-in-law from hell?, Royal Mothers-in-law during the Wars of the Roses, 16th Century Mothers-in-law: How much do you know?, How to dress the mothers of a dynasty, The Mothers of the Tudor Dynasty, All about Owen Tudor, The Looks and personality of Henry, Lord Darnley, Review of “The Raven’s Widow” and “Houses of Power”, Witchcraft,
From the Spicery: On the Royal Progress

The Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, My Six Wives Poems, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: Pride and Recklessness, Howards Linking Letter Quiz, The Portraiture of Queen Katheryn Howard, The Household of Elizabeth of York: A generous employer, The Early Howards, A teenaged queen: a look at 2003’s Henry VIII, Book review: The Lost Kings by Amy LIcence & The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory, Howard Pimps: Did the family really plot to make Catherine Howard Queen?, George Ripley and the Philosopher’s Stone, From the Spicery: What is Off the Tudor Menu?

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