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2018 Apr-May-Jun Tudor Life Magazine




Margaret Beaufort and the Princes in the Tower -Was Lady Katherine Knollys really Henry VIII’s daughter? - Children of Catherine and Francis Knollys Word Worm Quiz - Was Edward II murdered in 1327 - Anne Boleyn’s Sixth Finger - Fascinating Anne Boleyn Myths and Mysteries - 3 Mysteries during the Wars of the Roses - Elizabeth I and the Bisley Boy Legend - The Mystery of the “abominable and detestable” Lord Hungerford - Thornbury Castle: Photo Feature - Witches in Shakespeare’s Day - From the Spicery: on Vegetables - Elizabeth I’s Clothing - The Elizabethan Succession - Top Books on Elizabeth I - Famous Prisoners at the Tower of London - The Death and burial of Elizabeth I - Recreating the Virgin Wardrobe - Bette Davis as Elizabeth I - The First Stuart Queen of England: Anne of Denmark - Warwick Castle and the Commercialisation of History - QuickFire Questions with Dan Jones - A Royal wedding in May - Making a good death - The Tudor World View - Two Lesser-known mysteries of Henry VII’s Reign - Acton Court Summer Events - From the Spicery: On Beans - Jane Seymour and the Birth of Edward VI: A Midwife’s Opinion - The rise and fall of Thomas and Edward Seymour - The Early Seymours - Queen Jane Seymour: Star of Ballads and the Legends of her death - What IF? A Seymour succession in 1603 - The Kindest Soul I Ever Met - The Portraiture of Queen Jane Seymour - Anastasia Romanov: The Russian Jane Seymour? - On Being Katherine Parr - Draw like Hans Holbein - Tudor House and Garden Museum - Tudor Science: The Tudor Universe - From the Spicery: On The Plague

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