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2017 Jul-Aug-Sept Tudor Life Magazine




Tudor Palaces and Stately Homes, The Neighbor from Hell?, The Residency of Mary, Queen of Scots, in England, Late Medieval and Early Tudor Residences, Thomas Cromwell in Fact and Fiction, Hardwick Hall, more window than wall, Have sympathy for the Tudor Housewife, Music in the Doge’s Venetian Court, The Unveiling of the statue of Henry VII, Kildrummy Castle, From the Spicery: on Pastes, Boards and Coffins, The field of cloth of gold, England’s Medieval Queen Consorts, Welcoming the King: Civic Ambition, pride and Authority, The Everyday life of a Midwife, The mystery plays of York, Summer Cookery, Music of the village, The Church and its position in Daily Life, Historic Crawley, A tale of three armies: The Bosworth battlefield Heritage centre, From the Spicery: on Venison, The reception of Katherine of Aragon in London, Music of the courts of Aragon and Castile, When hope turns to tragedy with the death of Arthur, Prince of Wales, A dark haired queen?, The Persistent Queen: Katherine in Television and Film, The Tudor Housewife - Babies, Charles V, Did Henry VIII ever intend Mary to be queen of England?, Thomas, Lord Burgh of Gainsborough and three of Henry VIII’s Wives, Bosworth Battlefield and Heritage Centre, From the Spicery: on Manners

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