May 2017 Tudor Life Taster

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The focus of the May edition of Tudor Life is ... DEATH. Why not have a read through this online taster and then join up for a magazine subscription, or full membership, to enjoy the whole magazine?

The full magazine includes:

  • 25 Fun Tudor Facts by Roland Hui
  • Death in Tuscany by Dominic Pearce
  • Dramatic Deaths by Lauren Browne
  • The Real Wolfhall
  • Drowned in Wine by Conor Byrne
  • Oddly Similar Deaths by Kyra Kramer
  • Off with their heads! by Emma Taylor
  • The Tragic Prophecy of the Idol of Saint Derfel Gardarn by Beth von Staats
  • Acton Court Summer Activities
  • The hanging Song by Jane Moulder
  • The Tudor Poor Law by Toni Mount
  • Charles Brandon: The King’s Man BOOK REVIEW by Charlie Fenton
  • A St George’s Day Feast by Heather R. Darsie
  • Philip Roberts meets DAVID STARKEY
  • Chicken Soup - Tudor Style by Rioghnach O’Geraghty
  • On this day in history by Claire Ridgway

PLUS an amazing Historic York PHOTO SPECIAL by Luke Finn

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May 2017 Tudor Life Taster