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The Rise and Fall of the Pole Family – Adam Pennington

Thank you to this month's expert speaker, Adam Pennington, for such an interesting and educational talk on the Pole family.

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  1. M /

    Thank you for a fabulous, fascinating talk about the Poles. Interesting family. I had wondered, with the Marquis of Exeter, Henry Pole, and the disappearance of Henry’s (Pole) son, if that also was Henry VIII way of clearing the deck for his son, who he knew was more than likely going to start his reign in a minority? Good to have some cousins gone already. I have 2 questions…. Ursula, and her husband, the son of the Duke of Buckingham, what happened to them? And secondly, when is your book coming out?

    Thanks again, great talk.
    Michelle t

  2. V /

    Thanks Adam really enjoyed your talk about the Poles and enjoyed the slides with the talk and look forward to your book, more reading for me.

  3. M /

    Really interesting talk! I have always felt pity towards Margaret Pole. I think she may have known more than she wanted to, but had seen too much in her lifetime to be careless. I really don’t believe she was a threat and just wanted to live out the rest of her days in peace and prosperity. As for her sons, they may have indeed tried to usurp the crown from Edward. We’ll never know. Very bad ending for her.

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The Rise and Fall of the Pole Family – Adam Pennington