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Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – 6 December – Elizabeth I and the Bisley Boy Legend

Teasel the dog's second favourite Tudor is Queen Elizabeth I. Teasel, who is a real trend-setter, appreciates Gloriana's sense of style. She won't have a bad thing said about her and so when she heard the Bisley Boy legend, she pronounced it complete poppycock, at least that's what I think she meant.

The Bisley Boy legend often does the rounds on social media, and has been addressed in documentaries too. It makes out that Elizabeth I was, in fact, a man. It is complete rubbish.

In today's Teasel's Tudor Trivia, Teasel the rescue dog gets Claire to explain what the legend is about and then gets her to debunk it thoroughly.

Apologies for the muffled audio at times, it's impossible to know which side Teasel will settle and how she'll be. They do say never work with children or animals!

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