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Taster: November 2015 Magazine

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Death, death, death...

This November we're all thinking about ... deaths. From plague to executions, death was all around in the Tudor era. You'll learn things that you maybe didn't even want to think about in this month's magazine! Below is a taster for you to get your teeth into. You have been warned!

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This is a STUNNING 86 PAGE edition
packed with Tudor articles throughout

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  1. Cate Richards /


    I’m trying to upload the November magazine from The Tudor Society and for future months to come. Unfortunately, I’m neither to do either by clicking on tha magazine images to do either. Is there someone who can help the computer inept find her way through it all? I’d be quite grateful.

    With many kind thanks,


    1. Claire Ridgway /

      Hi Cate,
      This page is just the taster page for non-members and you can download this issue and past issues in our magazine category archives. There are download links under each magazine or you can read them online. However, our magazine is members only so you have to be a member of the Tudor Society to be able to read or download it, and I can’t find your name in our members’ database. If you email me at or I can talk you through downloading the magazines if you’re a member. Thanks!

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Taster: November 2015 Magazine