The Tudor Society
  • Tudor history from home

    Here in Spain, we’ve been on lockdown since Monday due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, I could use this as inspiration to talk about epidemics, the plague, influenza and sweating sickness in history, but I’m not. I’ll give you links to my talks on those, but I want to stop thinking about the nasty stuff.

    So, with so many people around the world in lockdown or self-isolating, I thought I’d give you some ideas for keeping occupied and getting your Tudor history fix.

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  • Introducing Philippa Lacey Brewell, the Tudor Society roving reporter

    Some time ago, we asked for feedback on the Tudor Society. We asked what people would like to see on the site. It was very encouraging because the feedback showed that we were offering everything that people wanted, except for just one thing: virtual tours of historic places. We racked our brains over how we could offer this to our members and then Claire realised that we could get our good friend Philippa Lacey Brewell involved. Philippa runs British History Tours and her expertise is historical places, so asking for her help was a no-brainer! Fortunately, Philippa agreed to help us and will be giving us virtual tours (or as close to a virtual tour as she can get!) of historical places linked to the Tudors. She will be doing one a month for us – yay!

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