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  • Which Tudor Thomas? Part 2

    The multitude of Thomases in the Tudor period keep us on our toes, don’t they? There are just so many of them. How much do you know about prominent Tudor Thomases? Get those little grey cells working with today’s quiz.

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  • Which Tudor Thomas?

    Thomas was a very popular Tudor name and there were lots of famous Tudor Thomases and Thomases that served at the royal court.

    How well do you know your Tudor Thomases? Find out in today’s fun quiz. Good luck!

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  • Tudor Thomases Wordsearch

    Oh well, I can’t tie this into the royal baby news! But one name that was popular in Tudor times was Thomas. There were a lot of Tudor Thomases and this wordsearch is about some of them. Test your knowledge of Tudor Thomases with this fun wordsearch. Good luck and have fun!

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