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  • Some Tudor music for you!

    This Friday, Claire shares some beautiful 16th century music. It’s so lovely to have on in the background when you’re working, cooking or relaxing.

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  • New Tudor music album – Music for Anne Boleyn: Court music from her rise and reign

    A big thank you to composer and music producer Roberto Lorenz who has written this guest article for us today about his album, “Music for Anne Boleyn – Court music from her rise and reign”, which was released on 7th September 2020.

    Over to Roberto…

    Ever since my history teacher first mentioned her, I’ve been obsessed with Anne Boleyn, who, as he put it, “reached the highest peak and fell”. There’s something surreal about Anne’s rapid rise and fall – it’s like a tragic fairy tale and yet a perfect example for the always astonishing, always unpredictable reality of life. Anne Boleyn is one of those historical figures that become more mysterious the more we find out about them. We’ll never fully understand her complex personality, never hear her voice, never see how she moved and gestured, never even know her birthday. However, one direct connection to Anne has survived: the music of her lifetime.

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  • Thomas Tallis, Tudor composer, by Heather R. Darsie

    It is thought that Thomas Tallis, alternatively spelled “Tallys,” could have been born on 30 January 1505, though it is not known for certain. What is known is that Tallis did not die until 1585, and that he contributed greatly to the development and composition of English choral music. Not much is known about Tallis’s early life. There are no records of his education or really of his whereabouts until Tallis is well into his 20s. There is also no contemporary portrait of him, with the only existing portrait having been executed sometime after his death.

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  • Thomas Tallis c.1505 – 1585

    Today is the anniversary of the death of Thomas Tallis, musician and composer, on 23rd November 1585 at his home in Greenwich. Greenwich. He was buried in St Alfege’s Church, Greenwich, in the chancel and the text on the brass memorial which once marked his tomb read:

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  • Renaissance music group Piva Concert Dates

    Those of you who live in the UK, or who are visiting the UK this autumn, may be interested in seeing Renaissance music group Piva perform their popular “Measure for Measure” programme. The five members of Piva have a huge knowledge of renaissance music and instruments, and are all multi-instrumentalists – playing up to 40 different instruments at a gig! They really are worth seeing if you can get to any of their performances.

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  • Medieval and Tudor Musical Instruments Quiz

    How much do you know about medieval and Tudor musical instruments?

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  • 4 July 1623 – Death of composer William Byrd

    On this day in 1623, Wiliam Byrd, the famous Elizabethan English composer, died at Stondon Massey in Essex and he was buried next to his wife in the parish church there.

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