The Tudor Society
  • Tudor History Challenge XI

    I’ve just published this video on the Anne Boleyn Files and Tudor Society YouTube Channel to celebrate reaching 60,000 subscribers and thought Tudor Society members would enjoy playing along.

    Can you beat Tim?

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  • Tudor History Challenge 7

    It’s Friday and I think we’re due some fun, aren’t we? Let’s have it at Tim’s expense, he doesn’t mind.

    Here’s our latest Tudor History Challenge! Do play a long. Give yourself a point for each correct answer and there’s a bonus point if you get both parts of question 7 correct. The answers are at the bottom of this post so don’t scroll down and cheat!

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  • Tudor History Challenge 6

    Tim here and I’ve taken over this challenge to ask Claire some Tudor history questions for a change. The questions were provided by the following historians: Sarah-Beth Watkins, Rioghnach O’Geraghty, Toni Mount & Catherine Brooks. Claire did well – but how well will you do???

    Note that the answers are below the questions, so no cheating! Let us know how you do in the comments below. Good luck!

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  • Tudor History Challenge 4

    Hello, Claire here! I’m celebrating reaching 25,000 YouTube subscribers today by having a bit of fun at Tim’s expense, although I am allowing Henry VIII and William Shakespeare to help him a bit.

    Play along with us and see whether you can do better than Tim with these Tudor history questions (surely you can!). Get 1 point for each correct answer and question 16 is worth a possible 3 points. The questions are below, and then the answers below that, so please don’t look ahead! Good luck!

    I would just like to say a big thank you for following this channel. I feel so blessed to be able to talk Tudor with you.

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