The Tudor Society
  • 60 Second History – The Tudor Dynasty

    Not that any of you Tudor Society members need this, but I’ve just filmed my first “60 Second History” video. The aim of this new video series is to educate people about Tudor history is easy-to-digest 60-second videos. Everyone’s got a minute to spare and now people can learn a bit about the Tudors in their spare minute.

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  • September’s Expert Talk – Gareth Russell on the End of the Tudor Era

    Back by popular demand, historian and author Gareth Russell is our September speaker. Gareth is the author of A History of the English Monarchy,An Illustrated Introduction to the Tudors and The Emperors: How Europe’s Greatest Rulers Were Destroyed by World War I, and he is currently working on a biography of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife. He is a wonderful speaker and we’ve enjoyed hosting him here before.

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