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  • 31 August – The Bloody Flux and a burning

    On this day in Tudor history, 31st August 1545, a contagious disease known as the ‘Bloody flux’ hit the port of Portsmouth, killing many of the men serving on the ships in its port.

    But what was the Bloody Flux? What were its symptoms and why did it kill so many soldiers and sailors?

    Find out about the disease, famous victims of the Bloody Flux, and how it is still affecting people today…

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  • December 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

    Merry Christmas! Here’s the December Tudor Life Magazine, an 80-page magazine packed with facts, fun and festivity. There’s a full 20-page feature on Tudor portraits, and there’s even a “Cut out Elizabeth I” fun activity! Enjoy this month’s magazine.

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  • November 2016 Tudor Life Magazine

    Health is the theme of this month’s Tudor Life magazine. It’s jam packed with articles on health and disease, plus a fun quiz where you can find out what might have killed you in the Tudor era!

    This 72-page magazine will keep any Tudor history lover busy – enjoy!

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