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  • Tudor Artists Crossword Puzzle

    How much do you know about the artists that worked at the Tudor court?

    Test your knowledge with this fun crossword puzzle.

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  • Tudor Art Books

    In this week’s Claire chats video, I talk about some of the art books I own and would recommend. Please do share in the comments below which books you would recommend to other Tudor Society members on art.

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  • 23 June 1576 – Death of Levina Teerlinc

    Today marks the 440th anniversary of the death of Levina Teerlinc, painter and miniaturist, at Stepney. Originally from Bruges, Teerlinc, who was the daughter of Simon Benninck, a master illuminator, travelled to England in the 1540s. Teerlinc was court painter to Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I, and produced many paintings and miniatures.

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  • Tudor art and artists quiz

    How much do you know about the artists and art of the Tudor court? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz.

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  • Lucas Horenbout by Sarah Bryson

    Lucas Horenbout, or Hornebolte as he was sometimes referred to, was a Flemish artist who specialised in miniature portraits. Born in Ghent in 1490/95 (his exact birthdate is unknown), Horenbout was the son of famous painter and miniature artist Gerard Horenbout. Along with his sister Susannah, Lucas learnt his skill as a painter of miniature portraits from his father. Miniatures are beautifully painted portraits that are extremely small in size, some being only 4cm/1.5inch in diameter.

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  • Hans Holbein the Younger by Sarah Bryson

    Hans Holbein the Younger is one of history’s most famous painters and it is thanks to his great skill and talent that we have so many paintings of the people of Henry VIII’s reign, including the great King himself. But who exactly was Hans Holbein the Younger and how did he come to the English court and catch the eye of Henry VIII?

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