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  • Marriage Melancholy: Untangling Unhappy Tudor Unions (Part 1)

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    Unravelling the threads of Tudor matrimony!

    Marriage is never easy, is it? But it surely must have been harder for those of the Tudor nobility and gentry whose marriages were arranged. Many Tudor marriages grew from mutual respect to love, and were solid, but some marriages were desperately unhappy.

    I thought I’d consider a few of those unhappy unions, and there are quite a few of them, so I’m going to do some today and then do another video next week.

    Today, I’m looking at the marriages of a Queen of Scotland, a poet’s sad tale, a marquess who finally divorced his wife but then had it rescinded, and a Seymour marriage surrounded by rumour…

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  • 17 May – Around the throne the thunder rolls

    On 17th May 1536, poet, courtier and diplomat Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, who was imprisoned in the Tower of London, witnessed the executions of his fellow courtiers, George Boleyn, Henry Norris, Sir Francis Weston, William Brereton and Mark Smeaton.

    Hear some of what he wrote about that awful day.

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  • Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder – my historical crush!

    I do have to admit to Sir Thomas Wyatt being my historical crush (along with Robery Dudley and George Boleyn), so I was very excited when my daughter Verity told me that she is studying his work this term as part of her English Literature unit. She’s now being bombarded with resources and Wyatt trivia from me! Anyway, it inspired me to talk a little about him in this week’s Claire Chats talk and to share some Wyatt resources with you…

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  • 17 January – Poet Thomas Wyatt is arrested

    On this day in Tudor history, 17th January 1541, courtier, diplomat and poet, Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, was arrested and sent to the Tower of London after being accused of corresponding with Cardinal Reginald Pole, and referring to the prospect of Henry VIII’s death.

    Wyatt was taken to the Tower and it looked like he’d be executed, but he was saved by Queen Catherine Howard, but at a huge cost.

    Find out more about what Wyatt was accused of, how he escaped execution and what he had to agree to, in today’s talk.

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  • Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder

    As today is the anniversary of the death of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder, poet and diplomat, on 11th October 1542, I thought it would be good to share a mini-biography of him. This article is adapted from an article I wrote for the Anne Boleyn Files a few years ago and an extract from my book On This Day in Tudor History.

    Sir Thomas Wyatt was born in c.1503 at Allington Castle, Kent. He was the eldest son of Yorkshireman Sir Henry Wyatt and Anne Skinner, daughter of John Skinner of Reigate, a woman famed for her hospitality. Henry Wyatt was a skilled soldier and financier. During the Wars of the Roses, he had been a Lancastrian and it is possible that he was involved in the Duke of Buckingham’s rebellion against King Richard III. He was certainly imprisoned in Richard III’s reign and a family story tells of how he was saved from starvation during his imprisonment by a cat who brought him pigeons to eat. He was released on the accession of Henry VII, who rewarded him with many grants and titles. Henry Wyatt became a privy councillor under Henry VII and acted as an executor of the king’s will on his death in 1509. He went on to serve the new king, Henry VIII, and was made a Knight of the Bath at his coronation in June 1509.

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  • Transcript of live chat with Wendy Dunn – Thomas Wyatt

    We had a wonderful chat with Wendy Dunn in the Chatroom on Friday, and it was very informative. We were discussing Thomas Wyatt and people had lots to say.

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  • Urgent – Updated times for tonight’s live chat

    We’ve just been alerted to the fact that the US times given for the live chat were incorrect so here are the correct times – our apologies. We’ve emailed this out too.

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  • New date for live chat with Wendy Dunn on Thomas Wyatt

    Just to let you know that the date has changed for the live chat session with author Wendy Dunn on the Tudor Society chatroom. It will now take place at 11pm UK time on Friday 31st March.

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  • What did Thomas Wyatt see in May 1536?

    In today’s Claire Chat’s I discuss Wyatt’s words “The bell tower showed me such sight, That in my head sticks day and night” and what he was referring to. Did he see the executions? Did he see Queen Anne Boleyn get beheaded?

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