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  • #OTD in Tudor history – 1 March

    A portrait of George Wishart

    On this day in Tudor history, 1st March, Scottish evangelical preacher George Wishart was hanged and burnt, conspirator William Stafford was born, Grand Prior Sir Thomas Tresham died, and physician, poet and musician Thomas Campion died…

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  • March 1 – Sir Thomas Tresham, Grand Prior

    Photo of Rushton Hall and the coat of arms of the Knights Hospitaller - a white cross on a red background

    On this day in Tudor history, 1st March 1559, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Catholic politician and landowner, Sir Thomas Tresham, died at Rushton in Northamptonshire. He was buried at St Peter’s Church, Rushton.

    Tresham was a leading politician in the reigns of Henry VIII and Mary I, and he’s an interesting Tudor chap.

    Let me tell you a bit more about him…

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