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  • Shrovetide and Lent Word Search

    This week’s brain teaser is a word search testing your knowledge of Shrovetide and Lent, and the traditions associated with this time of the year. As always, the answers are all on the site. Good luck.

    Simply click on the link or image below to open the word search and print out.

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  • It’s time for pancakes!

    Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s Shrove Tuesday! We’re celebrating this last day before Lent by sharing two videos – one with a cute dog and one with yummy pancakes, oh and a cute Tim!

    Last year, Teasel and I made a video explaining Shrovetide – Shrove Sunday, Collop Monday and Shrove Tuesday – and how it was celebrated in Tudor times…

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  • Teasel’s Tudor Trivia – Shrove Tuesday

    Today is Shrove Tuesday, so Teasel and I thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you all about Shrovetide – Shrove Sunday, Collop Monday and Shrove Tuesday – and how it was celebrated in Tudor times.

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  • Shrovetide and Lent – Claire Chats

    In this week’s Claire Chats video talk, I look at what Shrovetide and Lent are, and how they were marked in the medieval and Tudor period, and discuss some of the traditions associated with them.

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  • It’s Shrove Tuesday – time for Tudor-inspired pancakes!

    Today is Shrove Tuesday, the final day of Shrovetide and the last opportunity to use up forbidden foods and to have some fun before the abstinence of Lent – well, for some people anyway!

    At the Tudor court, Shrovtide was marked with entertainment such as jousting, pageants, music and masques, plus lots of feasting. Alison Sim, in her book “Pleasures and Pastimes in Tudor England”, describes one Shrovetide entertainment, “threshing the cock”, which consisted of tethering a cock and then people trying to kill it by throwing things at it. A prize was given to the person who killed it. Sim also writes of how “sometimes the cock was buried with just its head sticking out of the ground and then blindfolded people would try to kill it with a flail.” I’m so glad that we don’t do that today! Awful!

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  • Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

    You can read all about Shrovetide and Lent in my article “Shrove Tuesday, Pancakes and Lent”, but I wanted to share with you my latest Tudor Cooking with Claire video which features Tim making Tudor inspired pancakes.

    Here is the recipe…

    Tim’s Tudor inspired pancakes

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  • Shrove Tuesday, Pancakes and Lent

    An article about Shrovetide, Lent and Tudor recipes for pancakes and fritters.

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