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  • Supermarket brings back popular Tudor vegetable salsify

    Further to my Claire Chats video talk on Tudor fruit and vegetables, I just had to share this news article which is completely coincidental – life is strange!

    In my talk, I mentioned the popular medieval and Tudor root vegetable salsify, a vegetable which was consumed regularly in the UK up until the 19th century but which many Brits today have never heard of. Well, good news! The supermarket chain Waitrose is selling black salsify, grown in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, and some white salsify, grown in Ayrshire, in 100 of its stores from now until the spring. So, if you’re in the UK, do look out for it and please do let me know if you buy it and try it.

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  • Tudor Fruit and Vegetables talk

    In today’s Claire Chats video, I talk about the fruit and vegetables that were enjoyed in the Tudor period.

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