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  • Preparing for a royal birth

    As today is the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn taking her chamber at Greenwich to prepare for the birth of her first child, I thought I’d share this talk I did a few years ago on the guidance Lady Margaret Beaufort gave for the birth and christening of a royal child.

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  • September 24 – Prince Arthur’s christening

    On this day in Tudor history, 24th September 1486, Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was christened at a lavish ceremony at Winchester Cathedral.

    His mother’s confinement, his birth, his christening and early upbringing had all been carefully ‘choreographed’ by his paternal grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, and in today’s talk, Claire Ridgway, author of “On This Day in Tudor History”, shares details from Margaret Beaufort’s “Ordinances” regarding the christening of a royal prince or princess, as well as sharing specific details of Prince Arthur Tudor’s christening.

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  • Margaret Beaufort’s Ordinances – Video

    A portrait of Lady Margaret Beaufort

    In today’s Claire Chats video I talk about the Ordinances by Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby, as to what Preparation is to be made against the Deliverance of a Queen, as also for the Christening of the Child which she shall be delivered, ordinances written by Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII’s mother, in 1486 when Elizabeth of York, her daughter-in-law, was expecting her first child.

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