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  • Ladies-in-waiting of the Tudor CourtWord Search

    How much do you know about the women who served as maids of honour and ladies-in-waiting at the Tudor Court?

    Test your knowledge with this fun word search.

    Warning: The words can go in any direction!

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  • Ladies-in-waiting and Maids of Honour

    In this edition of Teasel’s Tudor Trivia, rescue dog Teasel and historian Claire Ridgway share information on ladies-in-waiting, the girls and women who served queens consort and queens regnant in the Tudor period.

    What was the difference between a lady-in-waiting and a maid of honour? What did ladies-in-waiting do? Did they get paid or rewarded?

    Find out all about Tudor ladies-in-waiting from Claire and Teasel.

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  • Ladies-in-waiting crossword

    This Sunday’s puzzle ties in with the topic of this month’s edition of Tudor Life and November’s informal live chat: ladies-in-waiting. Grab your favourite beverage and a snack, get comfortable and test your Tudor knowledge with this fun crossword – good luck!

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  • November live chats – 17th and 30th

    Just to let you know that this month’s live chats will be taking place on Friday 17th November and Thursday 30th November.

    Here are all the details…

    17 November: Informal live chat – Ladies-in-waiting
    This month’s live chat is on Friday 17th November and the topic is ladies-in-waiting. With our informal chats, we don’t have an expert to ‘grill’, we just all bundle into the chatroom and have fun debating the topic for an hour. The moderator is just there to check that it runs smoothly, and to join the debate too. Feel free to share book recommendations on ladies-in-waiting in general, or particular ladies, to pose questions, to share your views on the role or on particular ladies, anything to do with ladies-in-waiting!

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