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  • March 18 – Soldier, secret agent and rebel Sir Christopher Blount

    A portrait of Blount's stepson, Robert Devereux, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard

    On 18th March 1601, just six days before the day of Queen Elizabeth I,  soldier, secret agent and rebel Sir Christopher Blount was executed on Tower Hill for high treason.

    He was accused of treason following his involvement in the rebellion of his stepson, Elizabeth’s former favourite, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex.

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  • 8 February 1601 – Essex’s Rebellion

    On this day in history, Sunday 8th February 1601, Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, his supporters and two hundred soldiers gathered at Essex House. Essex then marched into the city crying “For the Queen! For the Queen! The crown of England is sold to the Spaniard! A plot is laid for my life!”. However, the people ignored him and stayed indoors.

    Essex was forced to give up after his supporters deserted him, and he surrendered after Lord Admiral Nottingham threatened to blow up his house if he did not give himself up.

    Thomas Birch gives an account of the failed rebellion in his book…

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