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  • #OTD in Tudor history – 15 January

    A miniature of Elizabeth I at her coronation

    On this day in Tudor history, 15th January, Elizabeth I was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey, the Duchess of Northumberland died, and Elizabeth I’s cousin, Catherine Carey, died…

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  • #OTD in Tudor history – 14 January

    A plan of Elizabeth I's coronation procession

    On this day in Tudor history, 14th January, Charles Brandon was sent to France to fetch Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I enjoyed her coronation procession and a physician went to his death leaping and dancing…

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  • #OTD in Tudor history – 12 January

    Photo of a re-enactor jousting and a portrait of Elizabeth I

    Today was a very busy day in Tudor times!

    On this day in Tudor history, we have Henry VIII jousting as king for the first time, Elizabeth I travelling to the Tower of London, and the death of an important nobleman, soldier and naval commander…

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  • 15 January

    On this day in Tudor history, 15th January 1559, Queen Elizabeth I was crowned queen by Owen Oglethorpe, Bishop of Carlisle, at Westminster Abbey. Let me tell you all about it in today’s video.

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  • Elizabeth I’s coronation – A primary source account

    I have written about Elizabeth I’s coronation, which took place o 15th January 1559, in previous years, but I just wanted to share with you this primary source account of both the coronation and the banquet following written by Il Schifanoya, the Mantuan ambassador, to the Castellan of Mantua:

    “On Sunday, 15th January, mass was sung for the coronation in Westminster Abbey, which was decorated with the handsomest and most precious tapestries that were ever seen, they having been purchased by Henry VIII., representing on one side the whole of Genesis, and on the other the Acts of the Apostles, from a design by Raffael d’Urbino; and the chambers were hung with the history of Cæsar and Pompey. At one of the sides the buffet was prepared with its raised steps, on which were seen 140 gold and silver drinking cups, besides others which were below for the service.

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  • 14 January 1559 – Elizabeth I’s Coronation Procession

    On 14th January 1559, the eve of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth I processed from the Tower of London to Westminster in a cloth of gold covered litter carried by two mules.

    Here are the main parts and pageants of the procession from Fenchurch onwards:

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  • August 2015 Tudor Life Magazine

    Here’s the August 2015 magazine with all our regular items and contributors plus lots of fascinating articles. This month we have a “Coronation Special” section with articles from a number of eminent historians….

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