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  • August 1 – The birth of an alchemist, and a young blind woman is burnt,

    On this day in history, 1st August 1555, Sir Edward Kelley, apothecary, alchemist and medium, was born in Worcester.

    Kelley was a fascinating man. He worked with Dr John Dee and the men believed that they communicated with angels. Kelley also claimed that he was an alchemist and he wrote a treatise on the Philosopher’s Stone.

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  • John Dee video

    A portrait of John Dee by an unknown artist

    As 13th July was the anniversary of John Dee’s birth in 1527, I thought I’d give an overview of the life and career of this fascinating Tudor man, a well as recommend some books on him. I hope you find the video interesting and useful.

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  • Sir Edward Kelley

    Sir Edward Kelley (Kelly), apothecary, alchemist and medium, was born on 1st August 1555 in Worcester. In March 1582, Kelley called on astrologer and mathematician Dr John Dee at his home at Mortlake in Surrey. Kelley impressed Dee with his abilities as a medium, after Dee had been unsuccessful in making contact with angels. He worked closely with Dee for seven years, travelling around Europe and taking part in seances and allegedly communicating with angels in a special angelic language.

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