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  • #OTD in Tudor History – 17 January

    A portrait of Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder by Holbein, and a sketch of Agnes Bowker's cat

    On this day in Tudor history, 17th January, poet Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder was thrown into the Tower of London, a Leicestershire woman was alleged to have given birth to a cat, and a famous clockmaker and sundial maker died…

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  • January 17 – Clockmaker Bartholomew Newsam

    Repeater watch and key ca. 1565 by Bartholomew Newsam, Met Museum

    On this day in Tudor history, 17th January 1587, Bartholomew Newsam (Newsum, Newsham), died. He was buried in the church of St Mary-le-Strand, the parish in which he lived and worked. He was in his fifties at his death.

    Bartholomew Newsam, who is thought to have come from the York area, was a famous clockmaker, sundial maker and scientific instrument maker. He worked for Queen Elizabeth I, repairing clocks and perhaps even making them for her.

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