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  • #OTD in Tudor history – 10 January

    Portrait of Margaret of Austria and a photo of a bronze relief of martyr Thomas Dusgate (Benet)

    #OTD in Tudor history events for today include the birth of an influential woman, the printing of an important book and a burning.

    Here are a few events that took place on 10th January in the reigns of the Tudor kings and queens…

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  • January 10 – The death of Arthur Dent

    Title page of Arthur Dent's "The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven"

    On or around 10th January 1603, Arthur Dent died of a fever. The religious writer, Puritan and clergyman had made his will three days earlier.

    Arthur Dent’s works included his “Sermon of Repentance”, “The Ruine of Rome, or, An Exposition upon the Whole Revelation”, and “The Plaine-Mans Pathway to Heaven”, which was very popular and had reached its 25th edition by 1640 and its 41st by 1831. It influenced John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” and Richard Baxter’s “The Poor Man’s Family Book”.

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