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  • July 11 – Men swap sides in the succession crisis of 1553

    On this day in Tudor history, 11th July 1553, Sir Thomas Cornwallis, sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, Lord Thomas Wentworth, and some other prominent Suffolk gentlemen declared for Queen Jane (Lady Jane Grey) in Ipswich, Suffolk. They then publicly proclaimed her the rightful queen.

    However, the following day, Cornwallis recanted and proclaimed Mary as queen.


    What happened to make this sheriff change his mind so soon?

    Find out more about the situation in July 1553 in this video…

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  • July 1553 – The month of three monarchs

    July 1553 was a month of three Tudor monarchs – Edward VI, Queen Jane and Mary I – but how did this come about?

    In this talk, historian and author Claire Ridgway looks at what led to the events of July 1553 and particularly the actions that Mary took to stage her successful coup d’etat.

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