Schedule of Events

This page will be updated regularly with forthcoming expert talks and magazine topics.

Month Magazine Topic Guest Speaker Expert Topic Informal Live Chat
October 2017 Portraits, artists and actors Nathen Amin Henry Tudor - Exile to King The Shakespeare authorship question
November 2017 Ladies-in-waiting Julian Humphrys, Battlefields Trust Tudor Battles Ladies-in-waiting
December 2017 Martyrdom in the Tudor era Sandra Vasoli and James Peacock The History of Thornbury Castle Christmas party
January 2018 Henry VIII Anne Barnhill Tudor clothing and socio-economic status, culture and symbolism Henry VIII - Tyrant?
February 2018 Royal Mothers-in-law Natalie Grueninger The Medieval Manor House Mary I
March 2018 The Howards Lauren Browne Rivals and mistresses: Rosamund Clifford (Part 2) Elizabeth I - Virgin Queen?
April 2018 Myths and Mysteries Gina Clark Tudor Costume Lady Jane Grey
May 2018 The Final Years of Elizabeth I Lissa Bryan Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn
June 2018 The Seymours Lauren Browne England's Medieval Queens: Rivals and Mistresses - Jane Shore and the House of York (Part 3) TBC
July 2018 James IV & I Kate Cole The Witches of Elizabeth and Stewart Essex TBC
August 2018 Religious impact of the Tudors TBC TBC TBC
September 2018 The Dudleys TBC TBC TBC
October 2018 The Supernatural TBC TBC TBC
November 2018 Heresy Burnings TBC TBC TBC
December 2018 The Cecils TBC TBC TBC
Month Magazine Topic Guest Speaker Expert Topic Informal Live Chat

Each expert speaker does a talk for us and then a live chat session in the chatroom later that month. We also have informal live chat sessions in the chatroom each month to discuss Tudor topics.