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2021 Apr-May-Jun Tudor Life Magazine




Feasting and Entertainment, The Uncrowned Queen: Margaret Beaufort, Avarice and Deadly Ambition in Stuart Scotland, The Man Who Would Be King: Francis, Duke of Alençon, Dissolution of the Monasteries Quiz, The Greediest Land Grab in Tudor History, Tudor Life Editor’s Picks: Books on Greed, Ballad Representations in Mischief, The Ambitious Dudleys, Tudor Money 1485-1547, From the Spicery: What’s Your Poison?, Hot cross buns for Good Friday, The Rivalry of Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, The Musical Envy of Henry VIII, The 1534 Anne Boleyn Medal, An Envious Queen, Tudor Rivals Quiz, Jealous Queens and Their Rivals in Tudor Literature, Tudor Members’ Bulletin, Blanche Parry, Queen Elizabeth I’s Loyal Servant, Sibling Rivalry - Mary Queen of Scots and James Stewart, Editor’s Recommendations - Books on Envy, Midhurst, Beware the Cat! A Tudor novel, Hans Holbein: The Artist in a Changing World | A History of Death in 17th Century England, Go Fish, The Tragic Fate of Honor, Lady Lisle, The Wrath of Queen Mary I, The Musical Instruments of Henry VIII, The King’s Displeasure: Henry VIII: A Difficult Husband, Dress, Dazzle, Display: Tudor Court Dress, The Worst of Banquets, Full Sore, of Wrath, The Crown Jewels Quiz, Member Spotlight: Birdwood to Goomaracha, Editor’s Recommendations - Books on Wrath, How to draw the Tudors, Tudor Colouring books, Margaret Douglas Provokes the Wrath of Henry and Elizabeth, Thomas Norton: Rackmaster, The Heretic Wind | The Castle in The War of The Roses, Feasting Paris

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