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2020 Oct-Nov-Dec Tudor Life Magazine




Christopher Marlowe Playwright and Spy, The Salacious Rumours That Plagued Elizabeth I, Mary Tudor’s (Almost) Daring Escape, The Hesketh Plot – Espionage During the Last Decade of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Cromwell: Is there more to learn?, The Conspiracies of Mary Queen of Scots and Thomas Duke of Norfolk, Walls with eyes and ears, Tudor October Quiz, Henry VIII and the Abraham Tapestries, Members’ Bulletin, A Visit to Beautiful Steyning, Editor’s Recommendations, Thomas Harman, Sturdy Beggars and Rogues, The Man behind the Tudors | Hamnet, The Hero’s Journey, Sir Francis Walsingham Tudor Character Focus, How Sweet it is - Sugar Cane, October’s “On This day in Tudor History”, From Bastardy to Brilliance: The House of Beaufort, The Alliance of Margaret Beaufort and Wales, Medieval Tournaments, Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scots, Henry VII’s Claim to the Throne Quiz, The Triple Tomb of John Beaufort, Margaret Holland and Thomas, Duke of Clarence, A Farewell at Collyweston, Elizabeth - The Golden Age, The Earl of Leicester’s other Son: Roberto Dudley, Duca di Nortumbria, If Covid were the interval... time to change the scenery, Tenby and the Tudors, Medieval and Tudor Pets - some unusual and exotic companions, Editor’s Choice: The Beauforts, A Hidden History of the Tower of London| Elizabeth I the making of a queen, Managing a Historical House, History or Historical Fiction, Bread and Cheese:From the spicery, Jovial Jestbooks and Tall Tales, Can you catch the gingerbread man?, Splendor Gloriae - Tudor Piety and Ritual, Margaret Tudor - A Tale of Two Christmases, Walter Raleigh, The myth behind the man, Swashbuckling Tudor Personalities, Ancient Alfriston, The Marriages of Mary, Queen of Scots, A forward-Thinking French Surgeon, Ambroise Paré, Editor’s Picks - books on Tudor Christmas, Yuletide - A Tudor Christmas, The 12 Days of Christmas Cardinal Number Crossword, Christmas Treats, Killing our Darlings, 12 Days of Culinary Christmas, December’s On this day in Tudor History

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