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2019 Jan-Feb-Mar Tudor Life Magazine




Galaxy of Marys: Queen of Heaven and queens on Earth, Four of the best ghost stories from 2018, Examining the reputation and representation of Queen Mary I, Who was the Real Mary Boleyn?, Mary Tudor - A Life in Portraits, The Husbands of Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary Tudor, Queen of France, Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk, Saoirse - Queen of the Screen, King Arthur and the Tudors, An interview with Sean Poage, Adrienne Dillard goes to Greys Court, A visit to West Hoathly, How to behave badly in Renaissance Britain, Queenship and Counsel in Early Modern Europe, Tudor Cooking, Scadbury Manor, The Real Wolf Hall, Living with the Lisles, Christopher Marlow Quotes, The National Archives and the Search for a Tudor Queen, A queen Imprisoned, as told by William Kingston’s Letters from the Tower of London, Tudor Portraiture: Pictures tell a Thousand Words, Anne of Cleves’ German Footsteps, St Mary’s Collegiate Church in Warwick, Caldey Island, The Not-so-golden Age of Elizabethan England, Cuckoos, Mutiny on The Golden Hinde? Famous Explorers, Sir Walter Raleigh, the unfortunate Adventurer, Grace O’Malley: The Pirate Queen of Tudor Ireland, Corsets and Codpieces, Sir Walter Raleigh and the Virginia Colony, Fire from the Comet, The Wars of the Roses and its Key Players - Henry VI and Edward IV, The Elizabethan Lady’s Kitchen, Tudor Sites and Artifacts in St Fagans National Museum of History, An Apple a Day

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